Status of Safety Assessment and Remediation, May 2018

After Rana Plaza incident on 24 April 2013, National Tripartite Action Plan for Building and Fire Safety was adopted and under that initiative, BUET was engaged in conducting building assessment (structural integrity, fire and electrical safety) with a target of covering 1500 factories. Besides national initiative - Accord on Fire and Building Safety (Accord) and Alliance for Bangladesh Workers Safety (Alliance) – two alliances of international buyers – have also undertaken building assessment (structural integrity, fire and electrical safety).

Assessment Status

Following are the status of safety assessments by National Initiative as of 16th March, 2016.

  • Number of RMG factory got inspected till date:1549
  • Number of factory have received reports (full/partial, hard copy/soft copy): 1549
  • Number of factories have Corrective Action Plan (CAP): 1549
  • Number of Active Factories which are being followed up by DIFE: 809

Remediation Status

Of the 809 national initiative factories undergoing follow-up by DIFE, 107 are reported to have fully remediated

422 factories remediated more than 50% and 111 factories have remediated more than 80% of the compliance issues identified in CAPs. In all, 29% of CAPS related to structural safety, 31% related to electrical safety and 27% related to fire safety have been addressed, as per factory reports submitted to DIFE. (Figures are as of March 2018).


Review Panel Actions

A total 150 factories were referred to Review Panel. Out of 150 factories 39 factories were closed, 42 factories located were partially closed and 69 factories were allowed to operate with some recommendations.

Sensitization of Factory Owners

Owners and representatives of 754 RMG factories under the national initiative have taken part in sessions (total 26) organized by DIFE to sensitize employers on the process of remediation.

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