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* This report is based on the factories identified in this database. Accord has published a list of 1639 factories (March 2014) and another updated list of factories (1619) in April 2014. Alliance has published a list of 770 factories. Not all factories in Accord and Alliance list could be matched with this list as factories located inside EPZ are not under jurisdiction of DIFE. The matching of listings is ongoing.

After Rana Plaza incident on 24 April 2013, National Tripartite Action Plan for Building and Fire Safety was adopted and under that initiative, BUET was engaged in conducting building assessment (structural integrity, fire and electrical safety) with a target of covering 1500 factories. Besides national initiative - Accord on Fire and Building Safety (Accord) and Alliance for Bangladesh Workers Safety (Alliance) – two alliances of international buyers – have also undertaken building assessment (structural integrity, fire and electrical safety). Following graph shows targets and completion by each initiative as of 30 April 2015.


Assessment Organization Total Number of Factory Assessment Completed Assessment Due
 National Initiative      1,355          893        462
 Accord      1,530      1,281        249
 Alliance          744          737             7
 Total     3,629      2,911       718

A total 98 factories were referred to Review Panel. Out of 98 factories 32 factories located in 14 buildings were closed, 27 factories located in 14 buildings were partially closed and 39 factories located in 20 buildings were allowed to operate. 


Accord and Alliance have already published some of the reports which are available at their websites: AccordAlliance.Other reports of the completed assessments are in finalization stage.

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DIFE Cordially requests Factory Owners, BGMEA, BKMEA and the officials of DIFE to send information about the published database on DIFE website if there is any correction update in any field such as Factory Name, Name of owner, Number of workers Member ship factory registration and others. Please contact us through this e-mail: or through written application.

Assessment Reports

Total 2961 assessment reports published.